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vSDC(Virtual Sales Data Controller), is used to integrate local sales management systems/private billing systems with the requirements of EBM 2.0.

Businesses can then continue to use their own retail management software package while complying with the modalities of EBM requirements



VSDC is packed with an a powerful invoicing system based on RRA specifications. You will be able to get RRA signature and Internal data instantly when issuing invoices


VSDC comes with ability to sync your purchases from various RRA authorized sellers. You will also be able to add manual purchases that are not reflected in the downloaded purchases

RRA System Codes

You will have access to all RRA System Codes specifications, Countries Taxes,...

Self Hosted

VSDC will be hosted to your premises and you will be able to integrate any invoicing system at little to no cost

API Based

VSDC is an API based software that can be integrated with any system in any language

Powerful Dashboards and reports

VSDC comes with a powerful dashboard where you can view metrics of your selling activities and Powerful Reports such as daily sales, activity logs and others

Frequently Asked question

vSDC(Virtual Sales Data Controller), is an API based service built to help developers integrate their invoicing systems/private billing systems with the requirements of EBM 2.0.

Yes, VSDC is an API based service. You can connect any invoicing system using API.

vSDC will allow your invoicing system to provide legal invoice signed and approved by RRA

You will be required to provide hosting for the VSDC and your team will assist in connecting the VSDC to your Invoicing syste

No, Once you purchase the VSDC, it will become your own software, hosted at your premises

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